Restaurant review: Tu’s Place, Nadi, Fiji

Having had both lunch and in-room dining at Hilton Fiji Beach Resort And Spa, we decided to venture out into the city for some local offerings. Tu’s Place, rated top restaurant on Tripadvisor, seemed like a safe bet. The restaurant is located on Queen’s Rd in Nadi – about 15 minutes drive from Denarau Island. We were greeted on arrival and led to a table on the side. I was pleasantly surprised to find they had written my name on the reservation card.

On the way there, the taxi driver had described the famous local dishes – consisting of fish, taro leaves and coconut cream, but it was “mainly fish”, he said. Looking at the set menu the two starters were marinated fish in a light coconut milk and taro leaves in coconut cream with grilled fish. The mains were again, fish in coconut cream or fish/chicken in a fresh broth. The driver certainly wasn’t kidding about the fish part.

The menu had fish cooked in just about every way imaginable.

The food was absolutely delightful. The lemon marinated fish entree, mixed with vegetables, had a light and refreshing taste. And the portion was huge – it was literally a food pyramid. When I saw the mains, I knew straight away there was no way I could finish it. I would say the best dish was the lightly battered wahoo steak – the soup was especially good.

Lemon marinated fish entree

Chicken in a fresh broth with vegetables

Lightly battered wahoo steak deep fried in coconut cream

By the time desserts were served, I was so full that I ended up making a half-hearted attempt to at least eat some of the fruits surrounding the ice cream.

Fresh fruits with ice-cream


Tu’s Place is a fantastic restaurant that I would easily recommend. There’s a great selection of local dishes, so even if you are going to have just one meal in the city, this is it. The restaurant itself is unassuming and seats about two dozen people, but the fantastic food and warm service makes it an unique local experience.


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